So why am I running anyways?

Reason #9 –  Spiritual Discipline

On one of my longer solo runs I decided to run without music or other electronic distractions.  I forget if there was rain that day, but I won’t forget the question that God posed to me.   It was simple and straightforward.

‘How much time do you spend in my Word?’

At first I thought to myself, ‘Yes!  Finally a question where I feel like I have something to show for myself’ and immediately started listing out my items to God…  I spend lots of time listening to sermons and teaching of the Word…   Lots of time in worship too and there’s lots of truth and even scripture that can be found.  I even had a morning devotional that I had recently started.  In the most kind and gentle of ways, He stopped me.

‘I said my Word, not people’s interpretation of my Word’

Instantly conviction fell over me and I humbled my heart.  I knew that out of all the stuff I had listed, there was maybe only a handful of scripture that probably accounted for less than 5 minutes of my average day (and that’s when I thought I was doing good?!).

By His goodness and His grace, He drew me into time with Him; time in the Word.   Never before in my life have I understood regular daily time in the Word.   I hadn’t spent significant, consistent time in the Bible as part of my daily life; except when I had been told to do so or had nothing else better to do… or worse, in guilt or shame.  All that stood in the way of me knowing more of Him.  I was missing something that is really simple.  Spiritual discipline – Just spend time in the Word to with Him.

That day I rummaged through a bunch of old boxes and totes from the move and found my Bible.  A few actually.  Having a Bible in storage, or sitting on my nightstand, or an app on my phone isn’t enough.  Opening it daily and seeking relationship with Him through it… this is what I was missing.  This is what I had forgotten about my first love.  So I began.  I sat down and asked Him what He would have me read.  I prayed that He would stir in me a hunger for Him and His Word.

So much of my life has changed since that day.  It has been more than just a hunger for time in the Word; it has been time with Him in prayer, meditation and worship .  It has been humbly coming before Him asking Him to bring Truth into my life/mind/situations; asking Him what He wants to change in my heart and mind.  Hearing the Word which is the standard in truth and letting in permeate my very understanding of who I am, how I am made and who He is.  Learning to walk in fellowship with other Christians around me; learning to be vulnerable.

He said that through teaching me about physical discipline, He would teach me about spiritual discipline.  He is faithful.  I have so much more to learn…