What am I Running Anyways?

Reason #8 – Clean Water

Many of you know that I am running the Grand Rapids Marathon to raise money for the Hope Water Project. It took me quite a while in the process to grasp this piece. God has taken me on quite a journey as I have started to understand physical discipline. But then He started working into my heart compassion for the people in Sierra Leone. While I was enduring a small amount of physical discomfort, what these people are going through in an average day began to astound me. Many of them walking a mile or more to find any water; usually what equates to a mud pit. Then carrying this water all the way back to their villages to give to their children and families! It put a lot in perspective for me. Even while I was running, I had fresh water and even Gatorade; I cannot even imagine.

According to the United Nations, dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Our efforts will enable World Hope International to drill fresh water wells in Sierra Leone. Our goal in this project is to install 14 new wells.

For every $13 dollars that is donated, clean and fresh water is provided to a person. To reach my goal, I need 26 people to donate clean water for two people which is just $26 dollars! Please join with me in contributing to this cause today by clicking the link below to get started.

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