Why am I Running Anyways?
Reason #7 – ‘Physical Discipline’
It turns out that I am a prideful man. I am constantly astounded that I find myself thinking ‘I know lots about that’ when in reality I may know very little. In this case, I thought that I knew about physical discipline. This is an official confession that I didn’t… and likely still don’t.
Getting to 3 miles in a single run without stopping to catch my breath wasn’t too difficult because I had been running periodically through the winter. The truth is that I am young and wasn’t in horrible shape (thanks to my kids). Pushing past the 3 miles into 7, 8, 9 and 10 sure did come at a surprise. My body did more than just complain. It screamed and threatened. When that didn’t work, it got cleaver and tried to convince me that I was doing well and deserved taking a minute to walk. Don’t get me wrong here; at times I definitely gave in to my body’s screaming or cleaver ploys along the way. I knew that I needed to push through. I knew where God had called me. I was still learning that I would need Him to get there. That being dependent on Him was in my design.
Don’t get discouraged or give up. Push through the pain and into what God is calling you to do.
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