Why am I Running Anyways?

Reason #5 – ‘Discipline’

Training began.  There was pain and discomfort.  It was hard for me to even grasp that the runs at that point were only 10% of an actual marathon.  Each training and additional miles hurt and made me want to throw in the towel.  When I battled through shin splints, I started to consider that maybe my body just wasn’t capable of doing that kind of distance.  After all, I’m definitely not tall and skinny.

A friend of mine asked me a simple question, ‘Why are you running?‘ to which I really didn’t have an answer.  I knew that God had drawn me to show up at the HWP kick-off event.  I knew that it was Him that challenged me to the full and not the half marathon.  What I really didn’t know yet was ‘Why?’.  So what better way to find my answer than to start praying while I ran.

It wasn’t very long before I got my answer.  ‘Discipline‘ He said.  ‘By running, I am teaching you physical discipline.  From physical discipline, I will begin to teach you spiritual discipline and from that will flow all of the work I am doing in you.

When all of this started, I would have thought I was a reasonably disciplined person.  I would have highlighted areas in my life that I excelled like having a good work-ethic and ignored all of the other areas that weren’t so pretty.  To a large degree, I wouldn’t have even thought about those other areas.  As God unfolded this simple truth in my life, I began to understand that I didn’t even understand what discipline really was.

To be continued…