There it is.  Since last week Monday, I have been trying to figure out how to explain what God changed in me.  He has removed fear and worry and anxiety from my shoulders.  He has replaced it with a firm trust in Him and His plan for my life.  He has replaced a feeling that I need to take action to provide for myself and family or impact the situation around me… With a simple peace of His provision.  

He has changed my posture.  No longer will I be timid. No longer do I need to worry in fear.  No longer will I have my feet on sand.  No longer will I have my balance thrown by every little shifting of the environment around me.  No longer will I feel weak standing next to my Daddy.  Confidence is building and it isn’t based on me or things I’ve done.  It isn’t based on my successes but it’s based instead on my shortcomings and total dependence on Him. It’s not in my righteousness that I try to walk in righteousness… but only in His.

He is rebuilding my life in the equilibrium of His truth.  He is showing me how to walk in victory and His provision.  He is showing me the good form of leaning into him.  He is showing me how to battle in a different way.  To battle by declaring heaven’s perspective into my circumstances.  By speaking truth and life into the world around me.