“I have placed My arm around you”

From today forward you will find the strength of My love has intensified, for your days have been difficult, and I have taken notice. The need you have is greater, so you will find my strength to be even greater for your need. If a day brings you pressure, My love will bring you peace. If your day brings confusion, My wisdom will be a beacon light to show you where to walk. If your day brings you pain, My Spirit will bring you comfort. The strength of My compassion has no end, no limit, no boundary. Why would you be concerned about your need of strength when you have Me?

Begin to yield to the strength of My arms and you will see your weakness vanish. Never focus only on your need and your weakness, but set your eyes upon Me, as your Mountain Fortress and I will keep you safe and secure in My love. Disappointment will only take you away from My heart. Expectation will bring you closer to My love. And as you experience My love, surrender more of your heart to Me. Accept My will, My plan, My ways and lay down your will, your plan, your ways. This is the path of My holy ones. For this is the day I will show you My strength and you will surrender to Me, for I alone am Your Faithful Friend.”

Luke 14:27 The Passion Translation
“And anyone who comes to Me must be willing to share My cross and experience it as their own, or they cannot be considered to be My disciple.”