Today, My words will mean more to you than the words of others. For it is in My words that you will find life and strength. When you are praised or when you are criticized, come back to Me and lay those words before Me. Only in My presence will you know truth. If I correct you, it is to transform you. And when I encourage you and display My love to you, receive it and rejoice in it, for it will become your strength. Those things in you that have yet to be perfected will only be changed when you commune with Me.

Men will correct you when you are wrong, but I will heal you when you fall. My words have a power to eliminate your fears. My words have grace to erase your flaws. Today, you will listen to My words and cherish all that I say to you.

When your heart condemns you, I will not, and I am greater than your heart. Do not seek the respect of others and forget My words. It is My love that you need. And soon you will begin to see what I visualized you to be when I gave you birth.

Come close to Me and I will come closer to you until you see My glory. I have walked very close with you through your childhood years, even when you did not recognize Me. And now, My words will become even sweeter to you as you grow older and more tender to Me. I am the Life Source for you and today I will be the Living Word within you, for I call you My own.